Access your medical records

How to get your medical records

Medical records hold information about you. They are also sometimes called health records.

You'll have separate records for any NHS service you go to including your GP surgery, hospital, dentist or opticians.

How to get your record depends on which record it is.

How to get your GP record

Your GP record includes information like any conditions or allergies you have and any medicine you're taking.

If you require full access to your medical records including letters, test results and coinsultation information, please call into the surgery to complete a Patient Access Request.

You can access your GP record and nominate someone you trust to access it too.


Using your NHS account

You can obtain your GP record by logging into your account using the NHS app or NHS website.

First, you need to register for online services and prove who you are. You can do this when you create an account.

Access your GP record using your NHS account

Login or Create an account

By speaking to your GP surgery

You can ask for your GP record at your GP surgery.

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