Non-NHS Services

The NHS does not cover certain items and some attract a fee, eg:

  • medical reports
  • private medicals
  • HGV medicals
  • completion of forms
  • completion of certificates
  • To whom it may concern letters

The provision of reports by a doctor is a private contract between yourself and the doctor, which is why there is a fee attached.

It is not an NHS requirement and they are done at the doctors' discretion, where time and NHS commitments allow.

If there is a delay in receiving reports please be aware that while staff are happy to pass a message on to any GP, they are not able to influence any timescales. Reports and letters can take up to 40 working days to process. Subject access requests will take up to 30 working days

Nature of Activity

Certificates Claim Forms insurance Services  


Accident/Sickness Insurance claim form


Adoption and fostering health assessment forms


Benefits Agency  

DWP rate includes VAT

Childminder/Ofsted  Health declaration form


Community service certificate for offenders failing to attend

£35 plus VAT

Disability Living Allowance SR1

DWP rate includes VAT

Domiciliary consultations – completion of forms BD8 for benefit purposes

DWP rate includes VAT

Driving (Elderly, LGV,PCV, Taxi, Racing) fitness certificate with/without medical, any patients

£100 includes VAT 

Insurance services – where services are aimed at restoring the individuals health

Individual price


Insurance claim form standard

£ 120.00

Insurance report for company


Detailed solicitors report (individually priced) plus VAT


Additional information


Copies of pathology results per copy


Private medical insurance claim form


Probation service – reports for purpose of the courts


Seatbelt exemption certificate (£30.00 + VAT £6.00)



Copy of paper record per side (when checked by GP - No VAT) under Access to Health Act 1990. SAR

Under Subject Access Request - Nil

Private prescription


Private sick note (£20 + VAT £4)


Seat belt exemption medical (£100 + VAT £20)


Summary Printout of computer medical records


Copies of record provided in circumstances which do not fall within statutory obligations


Hep B – Engerix B course


If you require any other private service please enquire regarding price